Why Clean Your Gutters

Gutter Cleaning Methods

Cleaning out your gutters sounds as if it should be an easy job. The truth is that it isn’t.  Your gutters are high under the eaves of your house so gaining access is difficult and unless you live in a one storey building or bungalow, it is pretty much impossible for most householders.

In addition, gutter cleaning can be a filthy job. Your gutters can fill with debris that accumulates over time, easily becoming blocked. All this has to be washed away and disposed of safely so that it doesn’t block anywhere further down the line.

Blocked guttering can damage the structure, causing cracks and small leakages that may develop into bigger problems over time. In fact according to household insurers damaged guttering is one of the leading causes of water damage and household damp.

Hire a professional gutter cleaning service

The best way to clean your gutters is to hire a professional service to do this for you like Roof Cleaning Havering This is an easy job for a professional gutter cleaning service. In most cases, a professional service will use a powerful wet and dry vacuum cleaner especially designed for gutters.

This sucks away any debris and rubbish and then cleans with a powerful pressure wash that is strong enough to clean but will not damage any of the structure.  In most cases the operation will be able to be carried out at ground level by the use of water fed poles.

Is gutter cleaning expensive?

Having your gutters cleaned is not expensive. Check out the local service providers in your area. On average companies charge around £4.00 per metre of guttering but in general, there will be a flat price for the call out at around £40.00. Obviously, price will depend upon the size of the job and any special conditions there maybe, but for smaller properties, the whole job may cost as little as £40.00

A professional gutter cleaning service will be able to work with all types of guttering materials whether it is UPVC, aluminum, cast iron, concrete or galvanised steel.

As with all household contractors, your best option is to get quotes from a couple of companies and find out more about how they operate and what the fee covers.

Having your gutter cleaned saves you money.

Many professional gutter cleaning companies in Havering assess the work beforehand by the use of video cameras and mirrors so as well as a gutter clean your guttering will get a health check. This is a very easy way of checking that your guttering is sound or if there are any leaks or cracks. 

Finding out if there are any issues with your guttering will save you money because as we all know minor repairs are far cheaper than having major work carried out. Acting to fix minor problems before they develop is always the best solution when it comes to home maintenance.

This service is something worth considering when you are considering having your gutters cleaned professionally.

Have your roof cleaned at the same time.

Having your gutters professionally cleaned is not a time consuming job for the professional service and the whole job will be carried out in just one visit. Once you have decided to do this, it is certainly worth considering having your roof cleaned at the same time.

Many professional gutter cleaning services also offer roof cleaning and this can be carried out in the same visit.

Roof cleaning is a difficult job for the householder. It requires specialised equipment and most professional services use a low pressure wash system that cleans the roof of debris and moss and brings the natural colour back to tiles or shingles.

Why have your roof cleaned?

Having your roof cleaned can transform the external appearance of your home. It brings the natural colour back to slates and tiles and makes your entire property look smart and well maintained. The effect is extremely noticeable.

Once your roof cleaner has removed all moss and carried out the cleaning operation, he or she can spray the roof with biocide to prevent moss and algae regrowth. You can also choose a sealant for added protection.

As with gutter cleaning, having your roof cleaned is a good way of checking that the roof structure is intact so that if there are any problems you can take action now rather than leaving it until it develops into a bigger and more expensive problem.

Cleaning your gutters and your roof is essential for home maintenance.

Cleaning your gutters and your roof is an essential part of home maintenance, yet it is often overlooked by householders.

 If you suffer from damp in your home you will probably find that cleaning your roof and your gutters will make your house feel warmer and dryer. If you don’t have a damp problem in your home, it will help protect against this in the future.

In addition having your gutters and roof cleaned will give you the peace of mind that these difficult to access areas in your home are fully functional and working properly. Damp and water damage can often be easily avoided by this basic home maintenance yet because it is so difficult to do yourself, these areas often are left unchecked and ignored.

Call a professional gutter and roof cleaning service today

It is not worth attempting your own gutter and roof cleaning. These jobs are not suitable for the homeowner because even if you usually carry out your own DIY maintenance, these jobs require the use of specialised equipment. Never clean your own guttering and roof with a pressure washer because this will likely cause damage to the structure.

In addition, it is important to always choose a reputable and professional service.  Sadly there are cowboys out there who sometimes knock on the door and offer to do these jobs for a knock-down price. In most cases, these rip off merchants will clean with a pressure washer and be gone before you notice the damage they have caused. To keep safe always use a local roof cleaning company in Havering with a good reputation. That way you can be confident that your home is in safe hands and that your gutters and roof are working as well as the day they were built. Local Roof Cleaning Services cover all of Essex and East London

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