How To Remove Roof Moss with a Steam Cleaner

Roof Moss Removal

One of the major issues with British homes is roof moss. Roof moss flourishes in damp wet environments so with our changeable damp climate it is likely to affect most British properties from time to time. As well as the damp mossy growth that looks so unsightly, it causes roof tiles to become discolored as well. 

Roof moss not only looks messy and causes your home to appear neglected and uncared for; it also can cause serious damage to a property if it is left untreated and is allowed to build up over the years.

How does moss damage your roof?

When roof tiles become overgrown with moss they can become porous, allowing rain to infiltrate deep into the structure of the roof, causing internal damp.

In addition moss can cause roof tiles to break. Moss retains moisture which can freeze in cold weather causing tiles to crack and even to burst in low temperatures.

Roof moss also damages the appearance of your house. It makes the property look neglected and badly maintained. If you are trying to sell your property it will adversely affect sales potential. It is one of the most noticeable features on any house; roof moss is very visible and there is no way of hiding the condition of your roof.

No matter how otherwise spotless your house may be if you have a dirty mossy roof it will spoil this otherwise good impression. .

So how can you get rid of roof moss yourself?

There are several ways that roof moss can be removed but before you take any action yourself it is important to think of the practical difficulties of reaching the area and to also bear in mind that if you do it wrong you could cause even worse damage to your roof and property.

Unless you live in a one-story building or a bungalow, you will probably need to erect scaffolding or rent a cherry picker in order to reach all areas of the roof safely. This added expense needs to be factored in when you are considering cleaning your roof yourself. In addition, working at height is always risky so it is important that you maintain adequate safety measures to avoid accidents. Local roof cleaners in Kent have some great reviews on Google.

How to remove moss by hand

You can remove the moss yourself by physically scraping it off the roof by use of a hand tool and just scrape away avoiding the guttering so it does not get blocked up.

 Messy dirty and time consuming, this is a difficult job that is not very effective. The moss will grow back and it is very difficult to ensure that you don’t miss hard to reach areas. You will probably need scaffolding in order to clean your roof this way and it is not very effective.

You can also remove moss with a pressure washer. However a pressure washer is not suitable for all types of roofing and can cause serious damage to some types of roof tile and shingle. It is important to check this before you start or you could cause a bigger problem than moss build up.

It is important to never agree to have your roof cleaned by people who knock on your door and offer this service. It is a rip off and although your roof may look instantly better it is likely to damage the tiles.

Roof Steam Cleaning Service

Treating moss build up with a biocidal cleaning agent

Clearing moss with the aid of a cleaning agent is a good way to prevent regrowth.  To do this the roof must first be thoroughly cleaned of all dirt, moss and lichen before being treated with a biocide.

Biocide is an anti bacterial spray that kills just about everything that grows on your roof and it will help prevent future regrowth. It is applied by use of an industrial spray and it is important that you wear protective clothing to prevent damage to eyes, hair and skin. 

Working with biocide products requires extreme care. Not only is it hazardous to the operative, it can cause environmental damage and is dangerous for wildlife and pets.  Working with chemicals is not something which is recommended for people who are untrained in this field.

The best way to carry out roof moss removal

The best way to carry out roof moss removal is to call in the services of a professional. A professional roof cleaning service will be able to carry out all roof cleaning and roof moss removal and advise you on the best methods to suit your property.

Many moss removal services can work from the ground using professional machinery and extendable poles making it a safe operation. In addition if your roof does require the use of scaffolding or other equipment, this will be factored into the price.

A reputable professional roof cleaning service will make a thorough job of cleaning your roof and carrying out roof moss removal. In addition a professional can treat your roof so that it doesn’t all grow back.

How much does roof moss removal cost?

Price will depend upon the size of your property, your location and the current condition of your roof. It generally costs around £12 – £15 per square metre but this will be more if you have your roof treated with biocide or decide to go for an additional protective coating for increase protection.

You may have to pay more if the job requires the use of scaffolding.

A professional service is cheaper and safer than going it alone.

Although most of us love carrying out our own DIY and home maintenance, roof moss removal and cleaning your roof is one job that is best left to the roof cleaning professionals. It requires the use of expensive professional equipment and products and given that it can be very difficult to reach and work on your roof, this job is not recommended for the untrained person.

It is always important to remember that when it comes to working on the roof, there are added expenses due to the inaccessibility. So although professional moss removal may seem expensive it will always be cheaper than buying all the equipment and doing it yourself!